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The Summary and Evaluation - How I Figured Out Why I Went to College

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So. I am a Fairhaven student. I’m also a Computer Science major. These are two discrete descriptions of my academic life. Both are integral parts of the story that I have been creating my whole life. But in isolation, they imply very disparate things about me.

For most of my time at Western I have tried to keep these parts of myself separate. Compartmentalized. This final year, and particularly these last two quarters that has not been an option. Because of my somewhat lackadaisical approach to planning my first few years my schedule has been practically dictated to me. One of the consequences of this has been having to intermix my main campus self, with my Fairhaven self. This has been rewarding but difficult.

As a Fairhaven student, I must take the Advanced Seminar during my final quarter. And in the Advanced Seminar everyone writes what is known as their Summary and Evaluation. I had heard of this document - I’ve had quite a few friends graduate from Fairhaven while I knew them - but I really knew nothing about it.

What I’m discovering is that it really is almost anything that we want it to be. The loose sort of overall prompt is to tell whatever story we want to about our life and education to this point. To help us on begin that journey, we’ve been writing a series of short reflections on a variety of suggested topics. But like so much at Fairhaven it really is ultimately left to us to choose our direction.

I knew I had strong feelings about education. Particularly about my own. What I didn’t quite realize was how much I had to say about both my own education, and how it relates to Education in general. Perhaps most surprising of all is that not only do I have a lot to say. I actually have a story to tell. I still don’t quite know the whole of that story. But bit by bit, I’m figuring it out. Excavating it. You’re welcome to tag along.