Thoughts on cast-iron seasoning, programming and everything…

I’m almost finished with my second iteration as an apprentice at 8th Light. This week I focused more on coding. I spent most of my time just implementing the several stories of my iteration: some minor (but important!) output tweaks, implementing a play again loop, and adding two AI’s to the game. I also did quite a bit of refactoring and general code cleanup.

I spent nearly a whole day on figuring out the mechanics of doing an extract class refactoring, and then realizing that I had extracted the class the wrong way and so the “container” class was the one being held by it’s containee. It turned out to be very awkward to deal with this, so I backed out the change and extracted the other class so that the container/containee relationship was correct.

I also paired with both Emmanuel and Kristen on some Clojure katas, the bowling game and coin changer respectively.