Thoughts on cast-iron seasoning, programming and everything…

I basically worked on four things the past week/iteration. I wrote two blog posts, one on the process of learning to do TDD and one about the importance of using good tools. I also read the “4 Rules of Simple Design” as well as the first chapters of the Agile PPP book up to and including all five chapters on the SOLID principles. Finally, I started writing an object-oriented TicTacToe game in Ruby while rigorously practicing test driven development.

In the process of working on my TTT game and getting a handle on Ruby and doing TDD I ended up doing quite a few other things. I ran through the first three tests of the Bowling kata as described on Uncle Bob’s website, except that I used Ruby and RSpec instead of Java and jUnit. I also did a bit of pairing with Zach also using Ruby and RSpec working on an OO-TDD implementation of Turtle Racing. We didn’t get super far in the implementation, but it was a really enlightening session and helped me solidify some of the concepts of TDD and feel confident in starting to apply them in Ruby.

As a bonus, I also started reading the POODR book and got through the first few chapters of Martin Fowler’s “Refactoring”.

I also got all of the administrative details of getting hired out of the way (I think!).